Cybersafety Presentation and Resources

West Virginia State Trooper Grose delivered an informative and engaging presentation on online safety to middle and high school parents on Tuesday evening 2/21/2017. The presentation covered  the potential dangers of popular apps with teens including “dating” apps, crime statistics, relevant laws, sexting, cyberbullying, and ended with a discussion of apps parents can download to help ensure their children’s safety online.

The talk was held in the SVHS auditorium and was arranged by teachers from the Freshman Academy. Trooper Grose presented to the 9th grade students in the academy earlier this month on  2/9/17. Last year, the presentation was given to all Spring Valley students.

Spring Valley teachers regularly embed cybersafety as part of the curriculum from sites such as Common Sense  Media. Freshman Academy teachers focused on online safety during the “suspended curriculum” in the first week of school this year.

Trooper Grose has graciously let us share her resources on the SVHS website. Below you will find a copy of her presentation as well as handouts she brought. There is a wealth of great information located in these two files.

Trooper Grose handouts

Grose Parent Presentation

SVHS hosts Parent Cybertalk with WV State Police

Trooper Grose from the WV State Police will present “Spying on Your Kid’s Electronic Devices 101.”  All parents and students of Spring Valley High School and our three feeder middle schools are invited to attend this presentation on Tuesday 2/21/17 at 6:00 pm.

Topics on the presentation will include cybersafety, sexting, cyberbullying, apps parents should look for on mobile devices that are potentially dangerous, and a discussion of relevant laws.

Everyone is welcome and admission is free. This presentation will be held in the auditorium and is hosted by the Spring Valley High School Freshman Academy.

Seniors submit photos for Graduation Video


Please submit a recent photo and a baby photo to the newspaper staff for the graduation video.

The newspaper produces the Senior Video that plays on the big screen at graduation in May. If you do not submit photos, you will not appear in the video.

We cannot scan Life touch photos and we do not have access to the photos you have turned in for yearbook. Please submit your photos as soon as possible to newspaper staff or attach to an email and send to

Don’t forget to include your name!

Article submitted by the newspaper staff

What to do When Sickness is Around?

There seems to be a lot of sickness lately, here are some tips to help lower the risk of getting sick!

1. Remember to always wash your hands in hot water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before eating. Bacteria may be on your hands and can be transferred to anything that is touched. You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as you can.  2. Try to sleep more, it allows your body to relax and recover from the day. 3. Make sure to stay hydrated, it can help wash away germs. If you do get sick, try not to pass it along. 4. If you have a fever, cough, or sore throat try wearing a mask if no mask is available, when needing to couch or sneeze, one should use a tissue or the inside of their elbow, this prevents others from getting sick.  5.  After your sickness is gone you should replace your toothbrush, there still may be bacteria on it.