At Spring Valley High School, academics are our number one priority. Below you will find information on all the classes and other academic programs offered at Spring Valley.

Core Subjects

A strong foundation in Mathematics, Science, English, and Social Studies is essential for any future job you will have. With the core subjects you will learn how to effectively communicate, maintain high productivity in collaborative groups, and begin to think of creative solution for real world problems.




Social Studies

Additional Content Areas

As a part of a rich educational experience we also provide courses in the following areas:

Foreign Language

Health & Physical Education

The Arts

Career and Technical Education

Spring Valley High School is home to a highly successful Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center. More information about our programs can be found on the CTE page of our website.

Other Academic Programs

Also check out information on these academic programs:

Freshman Academy

21st Century After School Program

Marshall University Dual Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses