Academic News

October Top of the Pack Students and Leader of the Pack Teacher Announced

Starting this Month, Spring Valley High School will select Top of the Pack students of the month, and Leader of ...
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Math Students Create Real World Math Problems

Think that math has no relevance in the real world? "Think again" states students in Ms. Billheimer's math 2 classes ...
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eSports launching soon for 2019-2020 season. Information meeting 10/28/19 at 6:00 pm

eSports are coming back to Spring Valley High School for the second year! eSports, or competitive video gaming, is projected ...
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Freshmen Academy get hands-on to learn the scientific method

Mrs. Leonard’s 9th grade Science classes are learning how to apply the scientific method. Students conducted an experiment today studying ...
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Spring Valley students attend Brad Smith “Ed-talk”

On 9/5/19, Spring Valley CTE students attended an educational forum on developing businesses in our local community hosted by Kenova-native ...
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