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Volunteer Opportunities at SVHS

This is a message from Ms. Joyce Clark, our parent-community liaison. We urge all parents and interested community members to get involved to ensure the success of all our students!

“Spring Valley has volunteer opportunities for parents and community members. If you have a few extra hours a month and would like to volunteer to help we would love to hear from you. Please respond to or call 304-638-1565. There are volunteer opportunities for all skills and talents during the school day and after.”

Spring Valley Honor Roll students awarded for academic excellence

Spring Valley High School students making the honor roll were recently awarded for their commitment to academic success. Honor roll students were dismissed from class ten minutes early on January 18th and awarded with movie theater popcorn from a local theater. Volunteerer parents with the Local School Improvement Committee (LSIC) passed out the popcorn to these high achieving students.

Spring Valley had the incredible number of 624 students make the honor roll for the third six weeks grading period which represents 59% of the school. To make the honor roll, students must have a 3.0 Grade Point Average.

The popcorn was donated by Marquee Cinema at Pullman Square.

The following table breaks down the number of students in each class qualifying for the honor roll:

Class Total Students making honor Roll Percentage of Class
9th  163  54%
10th  128  52%
11th  161 63%
12th  172  66%

Ms. Wolfe Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Ms. Amy Wolfe, she has been voted the SVHS March Teacher of the Month!  She teaches English 11 and English 12.

Amy Wolfe

Ms. Wolfe graciously answered a few questions about her passion for teaching and instructional methods.

What made you want to become a teacher?
“Even though I had earned a degree in psychology, I realized that I wanted to be an English teacher when my children were young. It was exciting and intriguing to see them learn to read and then to discuss what they were reading. I knew that I wanted to share my enthusiasm for literature and the English language beyond my own family, so I went back to school myself to make that happen.”
What are your favorite teaching methods?
“My instructive pedagogy revolves around discussion and writing- lots of discussion and writing, on everything from the literature that we read and analyze, to the grammar and mechanics we use to write, to what is happening in the community and world around us. I want to hear what my students think!”
Ms. Wolfe has been married to her fantastic husband Jamie for twenty-five years and they have five great kids. Amy is a leader for her church’s youth group. She enjoys gardening and, not surprisingly, reading.
She is currently reading The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Mr. Bledsoe Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. Ben Bledsoe, he was voted  February Teacher of the Month by the SVHS Faculty Senate.

Mr. Bledsoe
Mr. Bledsoe, the February 2016 Teacher of the Month

Mr. Bledsoe teaches 9th and 10th grade English/Language Arts and 10th grade honors English/Language Arts. He graciously answered some questions regarding his passion for teaching.

What made you want to become a teacher?

Mr. Paul Martin was the biggest influence on my journey toward becoming an English teacher.  He was my favorite English teacher in high school and most definitely inspired me to become the teacher I am today. The main reason I teach is to help students become better human beings.  

Describe a memorable teaching experience. 

I have so many experiences that it’s difficult to choose one in particular that is more memorable than the next, but everyday brings something new.  That’s one of the best parts of teaching… you never know what’s going to happen that day!

What is your philosophy of teaching?

I believe that in order to be able to teach someone, you have to get to know them.  I respect all students as much as they respect me.  I tell that to every class on the first day and I always mean it.  It makes it easy to teach when you have the trust and respect of students, so that has always been something that has made teaching a lot easier for me. I also have biblical patience which helps immensely. 

How  do you do to improve yourself as teacher?

 I read lots of books to strengthen my mind and keep my grammar skills sharp, watch tons of stand up comedy to keep my wry wit, and I keep up to date on the most popular and unique teaching methods through the miracle of the internet.

Mr. Bledsoe lives in Huntington with his beautiful wife Rachel, his energetic son Sebastian, and two crazy cats.  He enjoys reading, watching movies, and practicing the lost art of the Ninjutsu.

Mr. Coble Teacher of the Month


Mr. James Coble has won teacher of the month at Spring Valley High School. He is the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) teacher and his current courses include Introduction to Engineering and Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Environmental Sustainability, Physics, and Environmental Science.  He has previously taught Earth and Environmental Science, Biology, Physical Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Engineering Design and Development, and Digital Electronics.  James also sponsors the robotics team and is a line and conditioning coach with the Timberwolves football team. Mr. Coble is a true asset to SVHS who routinely comes in early to work, stays late, and is often seen at school preparing his class lessons on the weekends.

Mr. Coble graciously answered a few questions for us about his passion for teaching. It quickly becomes clear why he is such an effective teacher beloved by his students.

  1. What made you want to become a teacher and/or why do you teach?

When students ask me this question, as I am sure they do to so many others, I always present them with a series of questions: What’s your Pharmacists name? What’s your Lawyer’s name? Who did you buy those pair of shoes from?  These people are important at various levels of our lives and our communities, yet most times students will be stumped and simply sit in silence unable to grasp an answer. Some of us will go our whole lives without ever having to truly be impacted by these individuals, although their interactions are helpful and necessary. 

         I will then ask, “Who was your kindergarten teacher?  Without hesitation a classroom, almost chorus-like in response will name that teacher.  I know I can her name was Mrs. Gilmore.  This woman taught me my address, how to tie my shoes, and the very foundations of reading, writing and arithmetic that lead me to an interest in science.  And if you are like me you could go further than this; 1st grade Mrs. White, 2nd Grade Mrs. Roland, 3rd Grade Mrs. Royal, 4th Grade Mrs. Kramer, and 5th Grade Mrs. Carpenter…etc.  Isn’t it amazing a 32 year old man long removed from grade school can remember these people and the part they took in making me into who I am today?  Continue reading Mr. Coble Teacher of the Month