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SVHS Wrestling takes 7th in State!

Congratulations to Coach Emana and the entire SVHS Wrestling team who placed 7th overall in the state!

Congratulations to Owen Porter on his State Championship in wrestling!!!!

Congratulations to Kaleb Creamer for  placing 2nd and Cody Stanley for placing 4th in the state wrestling tournament.


Seniors submit photos for Graduation Video


Please submit a recent photo and a baby photo to the newspaper staff for the graduation video.

The newspaper produces the Senior Video that plays on the big screen at graduation in May. If you do not submit photos, you will not appear in the video.

We cannot scan Life touch photos and we do not have access to the photos you have turned in for yearbook. Please submit your photos as soon as possible to newspaper staff or attach to an email and send to

Don’t forget to include your name!

Article submitted by the newspaper staff

What to do When Sickness is Around?

There seems to be a lot of sickness lately, here are some tips to help lower the risk of getting sick!

1. Remember to always wash your hands in hot water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer before eating. Bacteria may be on your hands and can be transferred to anything that is touched. You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as you can.  2. Try to sleep more, it allows your body to relax and recover from the day. 3. Make sure to stay hydrated, it can help wash away germs. If you do get sick, try not to pass it along. 4. If you have a fever, cough, or sore throat try wearing a mask if no mask is available, when needing to couch or sneeze, one should use a tissue or the inside of their elbow, this prevents others from getting sick.  5.  After your sickness is gone you should replace your toothbrush, there still may be bacteria on it.

List of Yearbooks that need picked up

The following is a list of yearbooks that have been paid for but never been picked up from 2014 to 2016.

2014 Yearbooks

Brittani Ball

Makenzie Burchell

Nathan Burgess

Hayden Curnutte

Tanner Drown

Ane’ Fortner

Andrew Freeman

Hayden Frazier

Tyus Kizzee

Emily Marcum

Zac May

Alexandrea Moore

Matthew Munday

Tyler Robertson

Steven Tyler Sarver

Dallas Weddington

Jonathan Workman

Kevin’s Yearbook (This is the name stamped on the book—not sure of the owner)

2015 Books 

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Allison Hatfield wins WSAZ Hometown Hero and Teacher of the Month

Allison Hatfield wins WSAZ Hometown Hero and Teacher of the Month

Spring Valley High School is very happy to recognize Biology teacher Allison Hatfield for winning the WSAZ Hometown Hero award and Teacher of the Month.

In the spirit of a true servant, Ms. Hatfield raised nearly $5,000 in donations to ensure that ALL Timberwolves had a merry Christmas. Allison provided gifts for over 30 of our in-need students this Christmas. For her efforts, she was awarded the WSAZ Hometown Hero award. Watch the video here

In addition, Ms. Hatfield was overwhelmingly voted Teacher of the Month for December by the Spring Valley Faculty Senate. Mrs. Hatfield was nominated for her caring teacher’s heart and belief that all students can succeed and learn.

Members of the Spring Valley High School Faculty Senate may nominate any teacher for this award based on the five WVDE Professional Teaching Standards. The faculty senate then votes for the teacher of the month.

Spring Valley is very fortunate to have such dedicated teachers as Ms. Hatfield on staff!


Here is a list of the previous Teachers of the Month:

August: Will Totten (Technology)

September: Amanda Maynard (Special Education)

October:  Amy Adkins (Spanish)

November: Abby Maynard (Freshman Academy Science)