Scholarship Opportunities


Please click here for a list of Local Scholarships!


Please check out the Scholarships 2020-2021 List for a list of Scholarships you can apply for. This list will be updated as we get new Scholarship information!

View this additional Student Scholarship List for even more Scholarships students can apply for!

Also, visit the Student Scholarships website which hosts the largest collection of Scholarships on the web!

Rick Vecellio Memorial Youth Environmental Scholarship Links

Click here for more information on the Youth Environmental Program Scholarship Info

Click here for the application for the YEP Scholarship Application

Cool Cash For College!

Visit the Cool Cash for College page and find out how you could win free money or awesome prizes just for filling out your FAFSA and applying for the Promise Scholarship!

Promise Scholarship


Check out the CFWV Scholarships page for an additional list of Scholarships as well as a Scholarship Search Page! You can create a profile and search for scholarships that match your profile!

Also remember to check out the Admissions pages on the websites of the specific colleges or programs you are interested. They often have grant or scholarship opportunities you can apply for as well.