Scholarships through Marshall University for SVHS Students


***Marshall has moved to a scholarship portal for most of our incoming freshman awards and the link is ***

The students will need to be admitted to apply, by clicking on “Find Private Scholarships”—and will be lead through one main application that will ask most of the questions needed to enter them in for 100s of scholarships. Then if there is anything they specifically qualify for based on their answers or follow-up is needed, they will be prompted to fill out additional applications for very specific awards that might require essays, etc.

  If they are not admitted, the link above can lead them to that as well or lead them to search scholarships available prior to being admitted.


Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance, and most applications will be due, March 1s 2020


Ceredo-Kenova Memorial Youth Scholarship For students graduating from Spring Valley High School who have attended Ceredo or Kenova Elementary Schools. Deadline is March 1, 2019

Chuck_Felty_Jr._Memorial_Scholarship – For students who have attended Ceredo or Kenova Elementary or C-K Middle School  and will attend Marshall University. Recipient must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and have participated in athletics. Deadline is January 29, 2019.

Geneva_Lewis_Agee_Scholarship – This scholarship seeks to honor Mrs. Agee, a former teacher at Buffalo High School. This $1,000 scholarship may be renewed for four years if a 2.5 GPA is maintained. The applicant must major in English or English Education at Marshall University. Deadline is January 29, 2019

Greg_Ferguson_Memorial_Scholarship – The recipient shall be a graduating senior from Spring Valley, who shall be a full-time, undergraduate student at Marshall University during the upcoming academic year.  This scholarship was created in memory of Greg Ferguson, a resident of Wayne Co., WV who attended Marshall University.  Deadline is January 29, 2019

Keith_Albee_Scholarship -For students from Cabell or Wayne counties in West Virginia or Lawrence County in Ohio with financial need. Recipients for this renewable award shall be full-time students who have graduated in the top third of their high school graduating class.  Deadline is January 29, 2019

Lyle F. and Edith Plymale Memorial Scholarship– For full-time, incoming freshmen who are graduating in 2019 from Spring Valley High School in WV with a 2.5 GPA or above. Applicants shall have shown interest in science and math in high school and demonstrate qualities of character building. Mr. and Mrs. Plymale were both dedicated Math and Science teachers in the Wayne County School System for many years. Deadline is January 29, 2019

Major Christopher T. LeMaster Scholarship– For students who attended Roane County or Spring Valley High Schools in WV.  First preference given to students who participated in JR ROTC in high school and/or plan to join ROTC at Marshall University. This scholarship is in memory of Christopher LeMaste, a long-time service member who served multiple tours overseas. Deadline is January 29, 2019

2019-2020 Maier Stem Educator – The Maier Stem Educator Scholarship was created to increase the number of highly qualified
STEM middle school and high school teachers in West Virginia. Four students will be chosen for the 2019-20 academic year, and renewed for the following 3 years. The annual scholarship will be $15,000 for tuition, housing and other costs; a stipend of up to $1,500 for a laptop; and funding for a study abroad or student exchange experience. A total scholarship package of $71,000 maximum over a four-year period will be awarded. This amount may be adjusted based upon other financial aid opportunities. Deadline March 1, 2019

River Cities Marshall University Alumni Scholarship –  The recipient shall be a graduating senior who is a child or a grandchild of a Marshall University alumni and be a resident of the River Cities area (Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, or Logan counties in WV; Lawrence County, OH or Boyd County, KY. The recipient shall have financial need and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.  Deadline is January 29, 2019

Shewey Family Scholarship -For full-time students who have at least a 3.0 GPA and financial need. First preference shall be given to students who have participated in programs of the Shewey Research and Learning Center in Mingo County. Second Preference shall be given to qualified students from Mingo, Logan, McDowell or Wayne counties in WV and Martin County in KY. Recipients are required to live on campus during the full term of the scholarship. Deadline is January 29, 2019

Vinson Alumni Scholarship – For students graduating in 2019 from Spring Valley High School who have average grades and might not otherwise receive financial assistance. The recipient will be a full-time,  undergraduate student at Marshall University. Deadline is January 29, 2019


First-time freshmen students who are charged the West Virginia “in-state” tuition rate may qualify for one of the scholarships listed below: 

The incoming freshman’s high school grade point average (GPA) and official admission test scores are used to determine merit-based scholarship eligibility at Marshall University. Only official test scores from ACT® or SAT® are used to consider incoming freshmen students for merit-based scholarships. Marshall University takes the highest ACT composite or SAT combined Math and Evidenced Based Reading & Writing Score to determine scholarship eligibility for its scholarship programs. Marshall University also combines the highest sub-scores from different test dates (from the same test) to create a superscore total or composite for eligibility determination of the scholarships listed in the chart above.

The aforementioned scholarships are awarded for four academic years (fall and spring semesters) as long as the student is pursuing his or her first baccalaureate degree and maintains full-time enrollment at Marshall University. In addition, the student must meet the following renewal criteria:

  • Successfully complete at least 30 credit hours each academic year
  • Earn at least a 2.75 GPA at the end of freshman year and a 3.0 GPA by the end of the sophomore and junior years

Incoming Freshmen Honors College Scholarship

In addition to a freshmen merit-based scholarship, students who meet the following criteria and agree to accept admission into the Marshall University Honors College qualify to receive an additional scholarship award.

Scholarships Admission Criteria for Eligibility Academic Year Award
Honors College

HS GPA >=3.5 & ACT >=26 or Equivalent


Superscores are not used to determine eligibility for the Honors College Scholarship.

The Honors College Scholarship is awarded for four academic years (fall and spring semesters) as long as the student is pursuing his or her first baccalaureate degree, remains in the Honors College, and maintains full-time enrollment at Marshall University.  In addition, the student must meet the following renewal criteria: 

  • Successfully complete at least 30 credit hours each academic year
  • Earn an overall 3.3 GPA
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