Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Course Description 

Global logistics and supply chain management connect internal functions of an organization with other institutions around the
globe. It is vital to understand the roles of logistics and supply chain management in a global economy where individuals and
organizations have access to markets across the world. This field requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills to coordinate
the movement of goods and services that may be separated by a few feet or thousands of miles. In an industry always striving for
optimization, decision-making skills are paramount. The AC Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
(GLSCM) pathway enables students to practice innovative and critical thinking skills as they develop solutions to authentic
logistics problems businesses regularly face both locally and internationally. Students will learn the complexities businesses
deal with in securing raw materials from distant locations, moving them across multiple borders, receiving them in various ports,
transporting them to warehouses accessible through multiple modes of transportation, storing them effi ciently or employing
the just-in-time model, and then distributing them to customers through networks that properly balance transit time with cost.
Logistics is indispensable for the U.S. economy, constituting nearly 9 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).
Completers of the GLSCM pathway master extensive field related technical content that prepares them for a wide array of
opportunities after high school.


Required Courses:

  • AC Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management I
  • AC Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management II
  • AC Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management III
  • AC Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management IV

Industry Certifications:

WV Welcome
Digital Literacy

Technical Assessment

Title: Simulated Workplace
Workforce Entry Score: n/a
State Average: n/a
National Average: n/a
Governor’s Workforce Score: 70

Global Logistics Students design modern distribution center utilizing Minecraft

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