The Hungry Wolf Cafe – Baking & Pastry

Program Description:

The Baking and Pastry prepares students for various aspects of baking and pastry. Students will
start with the very basics of the industry such as how ingredients work together for them to
make a commercial, sellable product. Other content includes various breads, cookies, pies,
cakes, tortes, plated desserts, chocolate and sugar work. This course will help prepare students
for either going into a baking and pastry program at a culinary school or work in a bakery right
after graduation.

Industry Certifications:

Food Handlers Card
WV Welcome
Digital Literacy

Required Courses:

Baking and Pastry Foundations
Baking and Pastry I
Baking and Pastry II
Baking and Pastry Advanced

Technical Assessment

Title: Retail Commercial Baking
Workforce Entry Score: n/a
State Average: n/a
National Average: n/a
Governor’s Workforce Score: 70