Timberwolf Fabrication – Welding

Program Description:

The Welding Technology program prepares students for careers in three major areas of the welding industry; manufacturing, construction, and maintenance/repair.  Students will receive training on welding operations and acquire the technical skills for each various welding processes, including GMAW, SMAW, GTAW, Oxyfuel Cutting, Plasma Arc Cutting, and Air Arc Cutting and Gouging.

Industry Certifications:

Students in Welding have to opportunity to complete nationally recognized certifications through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).  Certifications offered include:  Basic Safety; Introduction to Construction Math; Introduction to Hand Tools; Introduction to Power Tools; Introduction to Construction Drawings; Basic Rigging; Basic Communication Skills; Basic Employability Skills; Introduction to Materials Handling; Welding Safety; Oxyfuel Cutting; Plasma Arc Cutting; Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging; Base Metal Preparation; Weld Quality; SMAW Equipment and Setup; Shielded Metal Arc Electrodes; SMAW Beads and Fillet Welds; Joint Fit Up and Alignment; SMAW Groove Welds with Backing; SMAW Open V Groove Welds; Welding Symbols; Reading Welding Detail Drawings; Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Welding; Preheating and Postheating of Metals; GMAW and FCAW Equipment and Filler Materials; GMAW and FCAW Plate; GTAW Equipment and Filler Materials; and GTAW Plate.  Upon successful completion of the certification process, students will receive a certification card and a transcript of their certifications.

Our Welding program can also issue the West Virginia Welding Certification test for GMAW and SMAW.   Welding Certification will be issued through the West Virginia Department of Education.

  • OSHA 10
  • WIN
  • WV Welcome
  • Digital Literacy

Required Courses:

  • Welding I
  • Welding II
  • Welding III
  • Welding IV

Technical Assessment:

Workforce Entry Score: 57.2
State Average: 51.8
National Average: 55.8
Governor’s Workforce Score: 73.3