Engrade, Our Online GradeBook

Parent and Students,

Did you know that all Wayne County schools are on Engrade?

It’s an online gradebook and communication tool that can be accessed 24/7.

With Engrade both parents and students can:

  • Check current grades
  • Message Teachers
  • Check past grades from previous school year if they were entered in Engrade

Teachers optionally can also do the following:

  • Post Lesson Plans
  • Take Attendance
  • Create assignments dropboxes to digitally submit student work
  • Make tests and quizzes taken on Engrade
  • Have open discussions (forums)
  • Make a seating chart

With all these features, Engrade is an invaluable tool critical to education in our connected society.

If you don’t know or forgot how to log-in (both parent or student) you can see any of your teachers to reset your password and lookup your username.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you add an email address to your account profile so you can have Engrade message you if you forget your username or password in the future.

You can also send me an e-mail at wetotten@k12.wv.us and I can reset passwords and set-up Engrade accounts.

Log into Engrade