Game Day Information 9/4/2020

• In accordance with the WVSSAC guidelines (yellow map) — only parents of participants will be allowed to enter the game. No other family members will be permitted. This will be strictly enforced.
No tickets available at the gate
• Each participant will fill out a form to get TWO tickets (no charge) for parents only. You will get this form from your coach on Monday and return it no later than Tuesday at 4:00 PM
• Your coach or band director will give out tickets for parents on Wednesday.
You will need your new ticket and your blue season ticket at the gate. You will drop your new ticket in the bucket and keep your season ticket after it gets hole punched.
• All visitors will park at the Vocational Building and then walk across the road to enter the stadium at the gate near the visitors’ bleachers. Only visitors will be allowed to park here and enter through this gate. No Spring Valley fans.
All Spring Valley fans will park on the high school side of the road and enter through the traditional main gate by the concession stand. We would encourage fans to park in the student lot for $5 and support the baseball team.
• Gates open at 6:15 PM for the 7:30 PM game.
Only green administrative WVSSAC passes will be accepted…regular coaching cards cannot be accepted due to WVSSAC rules.
Please be respectful to our stadium workers and understand that we are making the best of a bad situation. We are very happy that we have the opportunity and play!
• The band will have their concession stand and we ask that our fans support them. There will be a majorly reduced crowd so try to support our concession stand.
• The soccer gate will be locked and no one will be admitted through that gate. Fans will not be allowed to sit on “the hill.”
• We will have every other row blocked off
• No one will sit within 6 feet of an aisle
• We will “borrow” Woodrow Wilson’s tape scheme and tell fans to sit in between two blue lines.
• Hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the stadium
Please maintain social distancing
• Only three people in the restroom at a time.
• We will have added signage around the stadium and make extra announcements to help with communication.
• We will have additional staffing to help with cleanliness and communication
We are asking everyone to chip in with cleaning up their own trash.

Fans need to know this information from the Wayne County Health Department:

• Public events increase your risk for COVID 19
• Stay at home if you are not feeling well
• Consider not attending if you are older or have underlying health risks
• Do not shake hands, hug or high five
• Loud voices can contribute to the spread of COVID 19
• Masks are required in the stadium except when seated with members of your household
• Wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently
• Avoid touching your face

We are having another season ticket sale on Tuesday, September 1st at 7:00 PM in the bus loop in front of school. This will be for parents of participants only! This will be the last opportunity to buy tickets for the first home game!