Graduation Cap Decorations


We will continue to allow embellishment of caps for graduation. It has gone very wellso we are continuing the permission this year. Please note that these are RULES, not suggestions. Violation may result in requiring purchase of a new cap at student expense in order to participate in the ceremony.  

 The following rules apply to all decorations: 

  1. All decorations must be pre-approved by administration or designee.  
  2. Decorations must lay flat and be on top of cap only. Nothing hanging down or over the edges at all. 
  3. No offensive language, sayings, nicknames, pictures or lyrics. Administration has final say. 
  4. No 3D objects placed on the hat, such as flowers, bells, mascots, signs, etc. 
  5. No noisemakers or lights permitted. 
  6. Attachment with velcro or otherwise removable is suggested. It is best not to attach directly to the hat in case removal or adjustment is required. 
  7. SVHS administration reserves the right to remove any decorations that are not deemed appropriate. 

Unacceptable decorations that cannot be removed will result in student removal from lineup at any point. No one will be allowed to walk without a cap. 

Thank you,

Tammy Forbush, Principal