Graduation Parade honoring 2020 Grads June 6th, PLEASE READ – Action needed by Seniors!


Please print out Wayne County High School Graduation Parade form to bring to the parade. We will also have them available in the main office on Monday and Tuesday morning.

We also need all seniors to fill out this one question form to give us their shirt size by Tuesday June 2nd at noon!

– SVHS Administration


Wayne County High School Graduation Parade

Honoring 2020 Graduates from Tolsia, Wayne, and Spring Valley

2020 graduates from any Wayne County high school are invited to participate.  It is also the last time as a student we ask you to pay attention and follow instructions!  Just fill out this form, keep it with you inside your car, and show up to get in line.

  • The parade will be held SATURDAY, JUNE 6th with a start time of 6:00p.m. Get there one-half hour early, following signs that will direct you where to line up.  No one will get out of their vehicle at any time and the order will be random, not by school.  Parents or adults must be driving.  Those watching can be anywhere along the Rt. 60, two miles long parade route IN KENOVA, but must practice appropriate social distancing for everyone’s safety.  Ceredo and Kenova police officers will enforce this.  
  • You may decorate your vehicle and are encouraged to have your name and school identified on a poster attached to the front seat passenger door. If you are not readily visible from a convertible or truck bed, please be seated in the front passenger seat.
  • A parade video will be recorded and posted on youtube.
  • Somewhere along the route, during the parade, a volunteer will approach your vehicle to accept this form so that your name can be read on the recording as you pass the camera. Therefore, it is important that you fill out the form and have it ready to give to the volunteer.  Your name will not be read over a public address system to prevent clusters of people gathering, so those who come to see you can be anywhere along the parade route.
  • When you give your form to the volunteer, you will be given a ticket for a t-shirt. Follow the parade car in front of you and proceed to the Dreamland Pool parking lot, where you will give the ticket to a volunteer who will hand you your shirt.  Then you will be asked to turn around to head home along Beech Street, which runs parallel to the railroad tracks and the flood wall. It is a safer route than trying to cross traffic at the Catlettsburg bridge.
  • Be safe and please follow these guidelines, using the map provided. We are all proud of you and wish you a healthy, successful future!