HVAC Project Update

We want to thank the SVHS community for its patience and give you an update on the progress of the HVAC replacement.

The new rooftop units were placed Tuesday, which is a major step toward the restoration of air in the academic wing. Portable HVAC units have been installed on the 2nd floor and select locations on the 1st floor. Multiple temperature readings occur every day to ensure that the classrooms are maintaining reasonable temperatures.

The 2nd floor interior rooms are the locations that we have the most difficulty controlling the temperature. We have approximately 13 classrooms that are difficult to cool. When these classes, or any others, become too warm, we relocate students to another area in the building. Students will not be in rooms that exceed normal temperature ranges. Temperatures on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor exterior rooms are consistently in the 70’s.

Please remember that your students are changing classes up to 8 times a day and there may be class periods where they relocate but a majority of the day is spent in regularly assigned classrooms. Because of this, it is important that the school continue on a normal schedule and that students attend on a daily basis. We thank you for your patience!