Battalion Staff


Responsibilities and Roles of the Staff

S1 – The Adjutant Officer is responsible for preparing and maintaining cadet records and reports. Also assigning cadets to units cadet promotion and awards

S2 – The Security Officer is responsible for and conducts periodic inspections of uniforms, equipment, storage areas for security.Also makes necessary on-the-spot corrections

S3 – The Operations Officer handles organization of the Cadet Battalions’ operations, such as events, school activities and extracurricular events.Also the preparation and publishing training inspections and training compliance

S4 – The Logistics and Supply Officer is responsible for maintaining accountability of all assigned equipment and clothing. Also issuing clothing, insignia, and other items

S5 – The Special Projects Officer is responsible for planning and coordinating the cadet banquet and special events.Maintains records on all non-curricular activities, photograph all Battalion events and maintain the unit bulletin board along with updating and maintaining the Battalion Web Page

S6 – The Information Technology Officer is responsible updating and maintaining the Battalion Scrapbook. Maintain and update all technology with latest software.Also the setting up of all technology devices for use by JROTC in the class room and at events.

Company Commanders-In charge of planning and synchronizing P.T. and inspection schedules, ensure execution of Flag Details, and supervise and ensure execution of all assigned missions.

Battalion Commander is responsible for everything the battalion does or fails to do, designates particular areas for inspections, insures all orders are timely and without delay insures information passes freely both up and down the chain of command. Also issues guidance and policies as necessary

The XO is in charge of informing the command of any upcoming or policy issues directs and coordinates the Battalion Staff inspects the work of all Battalion Staff sections coordinates and directs all staff meetings.

The CSM is responsible for making sure flags are put up then taken down properly, plans and executes change of command ceremony, ensures all standards are being met. They are also in charge of all teams and Colorguard.