NEW Procedures for Visitors and Authorized Student Pickup for All Wayne County Schools

To be in full compliance with changes to West Virginia Board of Education Policies, Wayne County Schools has implemented some changes to how visitors and authorized student pickups are handled at all of our schools.

A few highlights of these changes:

  • All visitors are to use the intercom system located at the entrance of each school to speak with the secretary and state their purpose of the visit to the school.
  • Admittance to the building is solely at the discretion of a building administrator should there be any question for the visitor’s need to enter the building.
  • If admittance has been cleared, the visitor MUST report directly to the secretary in the main office (either at their desk or a window) to provide Photo ID (unless otherwise personally known) and sign the visitors log.
  • Visitors will receive a “visitors tag” that MUST be worn at all times while in the building and the visitor MUST report to the main office prior their exit to sign out on the visitors log.
  • Any student being picked up by a parent MUST be signed out in the office.
  • If someone else is picking up a child from school and IS NOT listed on the authorized pick up card, we require written notification to the school. The notice should state the name of the individual to whom the child should be released, the time of the release, a contact number for confirmation, and the signature of the parent or guardian. The designated person MUST then come to the school office, show ID and sign the child out of school before they will be released

Please direct any questions about this to Mr. Mike Hart at the Wayne County Schools Central Office.