Next Drivers Permit meeting scheduled 8/13/19 at 6:30

This is just a reminder that the next meeting for the SVHS driving permit will be tomorrow 8/13/2019 at 6:30. For clarity, this is a requirement to obtain a parking pass and not paperwork for a learner’s permit or driver’s license. Parents AND students who attend should bring their drivers licenses. See original post below for more information.

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We have made changes to Driving Permit process so that both students and parents are aware of the rules and requirements. Before being given the application, students must attend an informational meeting and it is strongly suggested that parents attend this meeting as well.  Required parent signature has been added back to the form.

There will be 3 times to attend the informational meetings and students need only attend one of them.
The  meetings will be held 8/9 at 1:30, 8/12 at 6:30, 8/13 at 6:30.  There will be additional dates added after school begins.