CyberSafety Contest Announced

Students and Parents,

The WV State Department of Education has announced a “poster” contest to raise awareness for cybersafety.  Your poster can focus on any topic of cybersafety including

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Privacy
  • Identity Theft
  • Computer viruses and other malware
  • Strong Passwords
  • Social Media Safety

We highly encourage all students to participate.  Remember the target audience is your peers, so make sure whatever you create will be well liked other students.

Show off your creative talent and help others to stay safe on the internet.

The deadline is Dec. 1, 2014.

See attachment for full details

CyberSafety Contest

PSAT Online Registration Available

This information for this new’s item was provided by the counselor Mrs. Wiles

Registration Form:

PSAT Test Date: Wednesday, October 15 (1st-4th periods)

Juniors & Sophomores Only

Current registration is open only to juniors. Sophomores will be allowed to sign up for remaining spots once the initial registration period ends on September 23.

Deadline for juniors is Tuesday, September 23; sophomore registration period will run from September 24-October 3.

Cost is $15 & must be paid in person to Mrs. Wiles (PSAT Coordinator) in the school counseling office in order to officially complete your registration.

For more information on the PSAT & to see if you are a good candidate for the test, please check out the College Board’s website:

Students learn graphing through creative, hands-on project

First year Spring Valley Math teacher Jessica Willis wanted to start the year off with a memorable project that would grab her students’ attention while getting them to learn graphing linear equation content. She took a hands-on approach with a unique twist: the students would properly graph themselves onto a giant coordinate plane – taking the place of traditional graph paper – which comprised most of her classroom floor. Students worked in cooperative groups to solve linear equations and graph themselves onto Continue reading Students learn graphing through creative, hands-on project

Student Body/Class Officers Announced!

Congratulations to all of our Student Body and Class Officers who were elected this year! We are so very proud of you and wish you the best of luck in represent Spring Valley High School this school year!

The elected officers are as follows:

Student Body Officers:

President: Sarah Kelley
Vice Presiden: Grayson Tanner
Secretary: Ricky Willis
Treasurer: Jared Lewis

Senior Class:

President: Josh Billups
Vice President: Jamie Horan
Secretary: Makenzie Frazier
Treasurer: Austin Page

Junior Class:

President: Dylan Smith
Vice President: Pax Hutchinson
Secretary: Shelby Wellman
Treasurer: Allison McClure

Sophomore Class:

President: Kane Morrone
Vice President: Kerrigan Phelps
Secretary: Jessica Kilgore
Treasurer: Kaci Moore

Freshmen Class:

President: Giogi Morrone
Vice President: Payton Morrone
Secretary: Brooke Perry
Treasurer: Sunnie Hensley

The new faces on the SVHS staff – Updated

Updated on 8/19/2014 to include our new Spanish teacher

We want to wish a warm welcome to all our new staff this coming school year! Here is the newest list:

  • Tenia Eslick – Special Education aide
  • Jessica Bailey – Health Education
  • Jessica Willis – Special Education
  • Austin Pratt – Option Pathways
  • Holly Litteral – English and Yearbook
  • Abbi Maynard – Science
  • Debbie Brewer – Math
  • Jason Hatfield – Physical Education
  • Greg Burner – Spanish

Continue reading The new faces on the SVHS staff – Updated

Engrade, Our Online GradeBook

Parent and Students,

Did you know that all Wayne County schools are on Engrade?

It’s an online gradebook and communication tool that can be accessed 24/7.

With Engrade both parents and students can:

  • Check current grades
  • Message Teachers
  • Check past grades from previous school year if they were entered in Engrade

Teachers optionally can also do the following:

  • Post Lesson Plans
  • Take Attendance
  • Create assignments dropboxes to digitally submit student work
  • Make tests and quizzes taken on Engrade
  • Have open discussions (forums)
  • Make a seating chart

With all these features, Engrade is an invaluable tool Continue reading Engrade, Our Online GradeBook

Tablets distributed to Freshmen & Sophomore students

Spring Valley is very happy to announce that we will be rolling out a 1:1 student to computer ratio beginning this school year. Every Freshmen and Sophomore student will receive a Windows 8 tablet purchased by Wayne County Schools.  Every future freshmen class will also receive a tablet.

The tablets will be utilized primarily for Math 9 and Math 10 courses. However students may use them in other classes at teacher discretion. The curriculum and all support materials for the math courses can be downloaded to the devices so students will not need an Internet connection to work at home. However the tablet can be used on the internet at home with full filtering in place.

The devices will be returned at the Continue reading Tablets distributed to Freshmen & Sophomore students