Parent Notification of Attendance and Tardy Procedures


In an effort to use the available technology more efficiently, and stop interrupting our classes with numerous all calls, we will implement the following plan beginning with the second semester. The reason for the delay in implementation is to allow you time to link your preferred notification to your student’s attendance. Linking to the notification system for your student’s attendance will send an email, text or phone call to at approximately 5:00 PM if the student is tardy or absent to any class period during that school day. You can then check Schoology for details about which class period this event occurred. Please check Schoology before calling the office to streamline this process. Not linking to your student’s attendance could result in student absences or truancy that are unknown to you, the parent. Directions for setting this up were sent home earlier in the year, but looked very similar to the Schoology directions. Because of this, it appears that many parents did not complete both processes. To get a new copy of this information, simply message any of your student’s teachers through Schoology or stop by the office to have those instructions printed.

In the past, when a student was not on the absence list, and had not checked out through the office, we made an all call announcement. This could lead to several class interruptions during an individual period due to teachers taking their attendance at different times. Beginning in second semester, we will no longer make those all calls. If a student is not in class and not checked out through the office, the teacher will immediately mark the student absent for their class and write up the behavior as skipping. It will then become the student’s responsibility to bring documentation to the teacher about why they were not in class. If the absence is legitimate, the teacher can notify administration to delete the discipline referral. If not, it will be dealt with according to the discipline matrix below.

*All guidelines and consequences are aligned to policy 4373 of the West Virginia Department of Education. The consequences aligned with Level 1 – Level 3 violations are subject to change at administrator’s discretion.

Thank you,

Ms. Tammy Forbush, Principal