Re-Entry Survey – Student & Parent Input Requested

Below is a letter from our Wayne County Superintendent Todd Alexander requesting input for how we re-open schools next year. Click  here to go directly to the survey.

Thank you,

SVHS Administration


Dear Parent/Guardian,

The COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly impacted school schedules since March 13, 2020. Parents, guardians, and students are anxious about the new school year and the schedule students will follow. As we look forward to next school year, we are facing challenges and uncertainties in determining the schedule for August as we seek to return to normalcy. As planning continues, we will keep the health and safety of students and staff as the top priority. We will release plans for the re-entry of staff and students before the end of July. As you are aware, this is an ever-changing situation and plans will remain fluid as we progress throughout the summer.

We need your assistance in planning for the fall. Your input on preferred schedules and the sharing of your concerns are critical to the process. We are providing a parent/guardian survey (found here) and asking you to complete the survey to assist in our planning. This survey will not be available Friday the 3rd of July due to scheduled maintenance.

The district is currently preparing for fall re-entry through focus groups for such areas as school schedules, transportation, food service, cleaning and disinfection, etc. District leaders will meet with Health Department and other medical officials in the coming weeks to ensure that every precaution is considered in our planning. Because of the nature of the Pandemic and the fact that conditions can change weekly if not daily, it is impossible to forecast with complete confidence what the school day will look like throughout the school year.

This has certainly been a trying few months and we will continue to face challenges in the upcoming school year. Thank you for your understanding and especially for your effort at the close of the year to help your child/children with remote learning. The investment made at the close of the 2019/2020 school year will pay dividends for years to come.

We look forward to working with you to provide the best environment possible for our students during the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you in advance for completing the survey.


Todd Alexander