Return to School Post Beginning of the First Day

Students and Parents,

Here is some final important information to prepare you for the start of school tomorrow or Thursday if you are our Thursday/Friday group!

    • Bring all signed paperwork with you that you picked up when you received your tablet.
    • Parents drop-off enters school grounds by the baseball field and drives around the school and drop-off students in front of visitor parking. Do not enter the bus lane. Students riding the bus will be dropped off in front of the school. Walk directly to the auxiliary gym in a single file line, maintaining social distance.
    • All students will enter through the auxiliary gym for the COVID screener. Principals will take your temperature before you can enter, and you will answer a series of questions inside the gym. Please remember to NOT COME TO SCHOOL if you are showing any symptoms or have a fever over 100!
    • After the COVID screener, all students will go to the main gym. Students who do not have schedules will pick them up there.
    • After picking up schedules, students will remain in the main gym if they do not wish to eat breakfast and proceed to the Commons/Cafteria if they wish to eat breakfast. Reminder, all breakfasts will be served before school this year. There is not a breakfast break.
    • At 7:42 a bell will ring to report to Wolves Den. 9th grade students will remain in the gym and be walked to Wolves Den by their teachers.
    • Students are encouraged to bring their own cloth masks. Two cloth masks will be provided to the students on the first day.
    • There are Wolves Den classes this year at the CTE.

    This should get us started Wolves, we cannot WAIT TO SEE YOU TOMORROW (or on THURSDAY)!