School Calendar for the remainder of the year

Wayne County Schools’ announces plan for make-up days:

Wayne County Schools has lost a total of seventeen (17) days of instruction for students during the 2017-2018 school year. Seven (7) of those days were missed due to inclement weather, and ten (10) were missed due to a work stoppage.SVHS calendar link
To make up the lost instructional days, the following adjustments to the calendar will occur:

Student Calendar
Due to Accrued Instructional Time, it is only necessary for students to make-up twelve (12) of the seventeen (17) lost instructional days.
Students’ will attend school on the following days:
May 7th (OSE Day)
June 11th (OSE Day)
June 12th (OSE Day)
June 13th – June 19th (out of calendar days)
June 20th Schools will be closed for WV Day (Holiday)
June 21st (out of calendar day)
Students’ last day of instruction is set for June 21, 2018.
* Please note that any additional inclement weather closures will result in additional days being added to the calendar.
* Graduation Dates will not change. Graduations will occur as originally scheduled.

*Please note: Attendance waivers for make-up days will be made available for students. Absences for prescheduled vacations, etc. will not count against students. Waivers will be made available to the
schools in the coming weeks.