School Picture Information

Picture day is coming up at Spring Valley High School. Pictures will begin Tuesday, October 28th and continue until Thursday, October 30th.

Seniors will be photographed Tuesday, October 28th. (Make up photos will be taken on Thursday, if a student is absent from school on Tuesday.) Senior students must have their photos taken at school during these photo days with the customary drape and tux to be included in the yearbook. No submitted photos will be allowed. Seniors will receive four formal poses. Senior boys should wear a white or light colored t-shirt and girls should wear a tank top (under their regular school clothing), so that the dressing for pictures can go smoothly.

Seniors will receive proofs by mail with a price list and order form.

Sophomores and juniors will get their photos taken on Wednesday, October 29, and freshmen photos will be taken on Thursday, October 30.

The prices for underclass photos range from $20 to $48. Students will receive packets at school on Tuesday, October 21.

To be included in the yearbook, students must have their photos taken during these picture days.  If they are absent for any reason, a make-up day will be scheduled at a later date, but students should make every effort to be present for these days.

2 thoughts on “School Picture Information

  1. Karena Cross

    Can my child get a photo ID from the school?

    • Will Totten Post author

      No, this is not available through the school. Check with the DMV though, it is a great thing to have for your child!

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