Soccer Gameday Plan (Yellow map)

Information is for both men and women’s SVHS soccer teams.

In accordance with the WVSSAC guidelines (yellow map) — only parents of participants will be allowed to enter the game. No other family members will be permitted. This will be strictly enforced.

· Each participant will fill out a form to get TWO tickets for $6 each for parents only.

· Your coach will pass out tickets for all games.

· You will drop your ticket in the bucket at the gate

· Only green administrative WVSSAC passes will be accepted…regular coaching cards cannot be accepted due to WVSSAC rules.

· Please be respectful to our stadium workers and understand that we are making the best of a bad situation. We are very happy that we have the opportunity and play!

· We will have every other row blocked off in the bleachers

· No one will sit within 6 feet of an aisle

· Hand sanitizer stations will be set up

· Please maintain social distancing

· Only one person in the restroom at a time

· We will have added signage around the stadium and make extra announcements to help with communication.

· We will have additional staffing to help with cleanliness and communication

· We are asking everyone to chip in with cleaning up their own trash.

Fans need to know this information from the Wayne County Health Department…

· Public events increase your risk for COVID 19

· Stay at home if you are not feeling well

· Consider not attending if you are older or have underlying health risks

· Do not shake hands, hug or high five

· Loud voices can contribute to the spread of COVID 19

· Masks are required in the stadium except when seated with members of your household

· Wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently

· Avoid touching your face