Sports Tickets Update 9/15/2020

Due to the changes from the governor’s office today, we will be expanding our ticket options for home games to include grandparents and immediate household members while our COVID map is yellow. Obviously, this is a significant change and we will adjust quickly so that we can accommodate our families.

With that said, we will sell a limited number of tickets at the gate tonight for our boys’ soccer game against Ravenswood. The game is at 6:30 and the gate will open at 5:30. We have tried to presale tickets as much as possible, but this is a special circumstance and will allow us to adjust to the new plan quickly. Tickets are $6 and please try to bring exact change.

Each county has the ability to choose when to enact the new ticket regulations. We are electing to allow grandparents and household members immediately. When we travel, we may not see this policy go into effect until next week.

I have spoken to Martinsburg’s athletic director and we have a plan to accommodate grandparents, household members and parents for our game on Friday night at Martinsburg. We will send home additional information about ticketing for that event this evening with our football players.

To find additional information about the updated color code system follow this link…

Thank you for your cooperation!

Tim George

Spring Valley Athletic Director