Spring Valley Students Learn about Coding, eSports, and Video Game Design

Students from Spring Valley High Schools attended the Digital Festival of West Virginia at Marshall University on Friday, Jan. 25th. At the festival, the students attended a variety of hands on learning experiences in three categories: Coding, App, Game Design and Computer Science, eSports, and Video Games as an Art Form. Sessions included eSports in WV, Leveraging technology/Social Media to Promote a Brand, Build a Game in an Hour, Apple eSports, and Remote Sensing.

The keynote speaker was Sebastian Park, the Vice President of eSports for the Houston Rockets & Clutch Gaming.

Spring Valley students enjoyed their time at the Digital Festival and said they learned a lot. They particularly liked the sessions on video game design, coding, and eSports. Students enjoyed everything from coding a simple video game on an iPad to networking with other students around the state with similar interests.

Competitive video gaming, or eSports, is currently in its pilot year and will be a WVSSAC-sanctioned sport next year.