Stay Safe on Football Friday Night

Over the last few years our football program has been incredibly successful through the hard work, dedication to success, and good sportsmanship of our players. With the success has come a stadium packed with our fans watching this exciting brand of Timberwolf football!

While we welcome all the cheering and support our fans give us, we want to remind everybody of several safety measures we are putting in place so everyone can enjoy the game.  

#1 We ask that there be no extra football games within stadium grounds. While we appreciate our young football fans getting excited to play while watching the game, this can be hazardous not only to the youth playing but also to other fans in close proximity.

#2 If you are traveling between the field and locker rooms on the hill please use the paved path only.

#3 Everyone is to stay outside the fence around the track and off the sidelines at all times: before, during, and after the game.

#4 Stay clear of vehicles that are being used for game day operations.

Good luck to our Timberwolves this Friday night! Go Wolves!!!