Senior Salute


Senior Salute represents the leaders and role models of our school, the best of the best. These are students that have succeeded in and participated in academics, extra-curricular activities, and community service. In order to apply and compete for this award, the senior must first have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better. This cannot be a 3.49 rounded up but an actual 3.5 grade point average.

If the student does have the grade point average to apply, he or she must complete and turn in the Senior Salute application with a current photo by the deadline of January 16, 2017 no later than 3:00pm, NO EXCEPTIONS! Even if student is absent from school that day, no applications will be accepted after this date and time! Students may turn applications in any time before that date and time. All applications should be given to Asst. Principal Sean Ferguson.

Applicants will complete an application, an essay and an interview. Directions for application must be followed precisely for a score to be given for each part of the application. If you leave out any information requested on the application, a score will not be given for that item, NO EXCEPTIONS! For example, if you do not have a sponsor sign for verification of the activity, no credit will be given. Again, NO EXCEPTIONS!

The essay portion of the process will be January 18, 2017 during 7th and 8th periods in the library. At that time the topic will be given and students must complete the essay in the allotted amount of time. There will be no makeups on the essay. This will be the only opportunity. The interviews will be conducted on Monday, January 23, 2017. There will be no other opportunities for interviews except on this scheduled day.

The awards/ acknowledgements that the Senior Salute winners receive are a photo session from Kerry Carter Photography, a photo in the yearbook under the Senior Salute section, a medallion presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony that will be worn at graduation, and a framed composite of photos that will be displayed at graduation. After the graduation ceremony, these portraits may be taken home.

Kerry Carter Photography is the official Senior Salute photographer for the composites. You will receive a free session and every picture needed for the composite: an 11×14 and three 4x6s. Kerry Carter Photography will frame the photos you choose and they will be displayed at graduation before you take them home. You may also choose to purchase additional portrait packages after viewing your proofs but the initial 4 photos and frame are free to the Senior Salute winners. The phone number for Kerry Carter Photography is 304 633 9752.

Senior Salute winners will be notified at the end of the day on January 23 after interviews or possibly January 24th at the end of the day. This will depend on the number of applicants judges have to get through. A list will be posted outside of the library by the end of one of those days.

Download the senior-salute-app-2016_2017 to apply now!