SVHS Social Studies Department Sponsoring the Annual Peanut Butter Drive

The Social Studies Department is asking for your help in assisting the Tri-State Area food banks by taking part in the iHeartRadio Peanut Butter Drive.  Locally, the food drive, which is open to the public, will award the school that collects the most peanut butter per capita through Friday November 30, 2018 with a free school dance hosted by KEE100.

Our school has averaged over 440 jars of peanut butter a year for the past four years.  Peanut butter may be collected and brought to room 109. All donations need to be received by November 30, 2018.

For more information on this event, read the press release from iHeartRadio.

For more information about SVHS’s participation contact Mr. Wrobelewski.