Tablet Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions


First, we want to express how happy we are with how well the new 1:1 tablet program is going! Teachers routinely express their pleasure with the possibilities the tablets have allowed to enhance their lessons.

We also are aware that some of you are experiencing problems from time to time with your tablets. Here are the more frequent problems that we have seen along with their solutions. The best part is you can fix most of these issues yourself!

Q: My tablet will not turn on or shut down properly.

Solution: 99% of the time this can be fixed by holding in the power button for up to 15 seconds. This will force the tablet to power off. Press the power button again and the tablet should boot right up!

Q: My tablet will not charge

Solution: Most of the time, the micro-usb plug-in to the tablet is not making a full connection. Make sure it "clicks" firmly into place. 
Another main reason the tablets do not charge is that the charger provided in the box is not being used to power the device. Phone chargers do not work to power the device as these often are under-powered (1 amp vs. 2 amp).  Most of the micro-usb chargers bought in stores are also only 1 amp. Make sure if you are buying an extra or replacement charger that it powers 2 or 2.1 amp devices.  

Very rarely the battery may become disconnected from the system board.  This will require us to send it in to be fixed.  See Mr. Totten in the library if you simply cannot get your tablet charged on your own.

Q: I have logged on before but now I cannot connect to the SVHS Wireless wi-fi network while at school

Solution: The computer needs restarted. On the "desktop" view click on the start button in the bottom left hand corner and choose to restart your device. After it restarts, swipe from the right hand side of the screen to the left. Choose the SVHS Wireless under the available connections.

Q: My camera doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly

Solution: A simple restart fixes this 99% of the time. On the "desktop" view click on the start button in the bottom left hand corner and choose to restart your device.

Q: My tablet screen is cracked due to a fall, crushed in bookbag, etc.

Solution: As long as the damage was accidental, it will be covered under the extended warranty purchased by Wayne County Schools.  The most important thing to remember is NOT TO TOUCH THE SCREEN WHERE IT IS BROKE. It is easy for the very sharp shards of glass to cut your skin and get stuck in your fingers. 

Unfortunately we do not currently have any replacement tablets to give out.  Please see Mr. Totten in the library to place your name on a waiting list for a replacement.  If the tablet still functions with the keyboard dock, you may still use it bearing in mind the warning above about the touch screen.

If you have any other issues students please feel free to drop by the library and see me.  You can also e-mail me anytime at the following email address: