Wayne County Virtual School Enrollment open

The following is a statement regarding the Wayne County Virtual School option. If you choose to enroll in the virtual school option, sign up here at the board website.

-SVHS Administration

Wayne County Schools will open to students beginning September 8, 2020. Students will attend school
for two days of in-person instruction and will engage in distance learning for the remainder of the
instructional week.
All parents, including the parents of medically fragile students or those with other medical needs in the
home, may choose to enroll their student(s) in the Wayne County Virtual School. Virtual School allows
students to complete their courses completely online and does not require the student to report to the
Wayne County Schools encourages parents to utilize the two-day in-person schedule. In-person
instruction is the most effective means for education and we hope all students who do not have a
medical reason preventing them from attending do so.
For those who choose to proceed with virtual school, here is information regarding the program:

• All virtual courses will be taught by certified Wayne Co. teachers.
• All content and instruction will primarily occur on the Schoology platform.
• Students who are enrolled in the virtual school remain full-time students of the Wayne County
School District and are eligible to receive meals at pick-up locations and to participate in
extracurricular activities.
• Students are responsible for all assignments in the virtual school. The courses will become a
part of the student’s transcript. The expectations for an in-person course and a virtual course
will be similar.
• Course materials will be published weekly. Students will be required to submit assignments
weekly. Hours to access and complete materials will be flexible.
• Students will need to have access to the internet. Optimally, the student would have consistent
access but a minimum of access once a week for at least one hour is required.
• WiFi Hotspots will be available at a majority of school locations. Visit our website at
https://wayneschoolswv.org/wifi for specific locations.
• Students may choose to return to an in-person course schedule at the conclusion of each
grading period.
• All courses required for graduation or promotion will be available. Elective courses may not be
• If your student is not currently enrolled in a Wayne County school you will need to enroll by
contacting your local school on or after August 4th and then filling out the Virtual School
enrollment form.