West Virginia Governors School of Entrepreneurship for 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Students

The Governor’s Schools and the West Virginia Department of Education are highly enthusiastic about our joint venture with West Virginia University College of Business and Economics as we usher in the fourth session of the West Virginia Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship. Students will live in well chaperoned residence halls on campus and have meals in the school dining hall and they may even get their names thrown in the hat for some scholarships.

We are looking for innovative students who believe they have an idea that might be valuable. Applicants should show a passion for creating a product or idea and possess a learning style that will thrive in a creative and innovative environment. We also need students with computer and programming skills, building skills, an engineering background, business skills, creative minds, and the willingness to take a chance to succeed. In other words, we are looking for students who may be studying in your programs! We do not expect a student to have all the skills listed; those are the skills we hope to have on each team.

Please note that there is no grade-point requirement to participate in this outstanding program; however, students com¬pleting GSE who earn specific merit badges and who have a 3.0 minimum grade-point average may earn up to six hours of college credit. Details can be found on the website: www.govschools.wv.gov/gse. Applications are submitted online, except for a required signature page, a transcript, and a recommendation. The deadline for applying is March 10. It seems like a long time, but it will be here before you know it.

The GSE is a unique high-school summer entrepreneurship program that places a strong emphasis on innovation and design as elements of creating a sustainable business model. GSE teaches critical life and work skills of problem-solving, teamwork, and iteration in an environment where it is safe to fail.

This initiative exemplifies our strategy to create small businesses that will energize the economy of West Virginia, and we hope to foster that growth through fashioning an atmosphere of imagination, innovation, and creativity for our young potential entrepreneurs.

This is an outstanding, free opportunity for our high school students. Please share this information with your parents. If I can be of assistance, feel free to contact Cheryl Keffer at Cheryl.keffer@k12.wv.us by phone at 304-640-0988.

The application can be found at www.govschools.wv.gov/gse.